B-Safe X System

In the Production

• Production overview and control

• Productivity monitoring

• Instant notification

Factory Full integration

Default Version

Collision Alarm

Collision Alarm

Electrical digital output activation on collision alarms

Vibration Alarm

Vibration Alarm

Electrical digital output activation on RMS alarms

Temperature Alarm

Temperature Alarm

Electrical digital output activation on Temperature alarms

Low Power mode

Low Power mode

Low power mode is active while machine is powered off. Use B-Safe PRO Interface for this functionality

Transport Monitoring

Transport Monitoring

Use TMS device to enable B-Safe sensor functions during transport

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Smart solution for your machine

B-Safe sensor
With connector or integrated cable
UPS and TCP-IP connection device
Transport Monitoring System
Start-up kit
Installation kit software and user manual
Wide range of extension cables
M12 to M5 adapter and magnet
Industry 4.0

B-Safe Cloud

B-Safe Cloud is the online evolution of B-Safe X System, which allows you to remotely supervise all B-Safe sensors installed on your machine tools and monitoring their productivity status.
Through the B-safe Cloud App you can personalise the alerts that can be received via SMS, e-mail or push notification on smartphones. Moreover, it is possible to access the wide range of B-Safe features. To access B-Safe Cloud data a dedicated web portal and the B-Safe Cloud App (for both iOS and Android devices) are available.

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Dedicated Software

B-Safe HMI

The always-connected Human-Machine Interface and the multi-platform software allow having full control from anywhere, thus obtaining the maximum results from your machine.

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